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As climate disruption plays out around the world and across the landscapes of southeastern BC this page will offer a range of articles that display the potential environmental and social impacts that are occurring and some possible ways that we can assist our local landscapes to adapting to those changes. We will also identify information from other parts of the globe that may be relevant to understading what is and may happen in our area.

At present, we as a civilization, are emitting vast amounts of greenhouse gases (GHGs) such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through burning fossil fuels, clearing forests for agriculture, raising livestock and using cement. Much of the emitted carbon dioxide is also taken up by the oceans.

As these GHGs accumulate in the atmosphere they result in gradual long-term increase in the temperature of the earth’s surface and oceans, and significant changes to weather patterns. As global warming melts glaciers around the world, the resulting runoff is also raising sea level. Simultaneously carbon dioxide added to the oceans is increasing the acidity of the oceans.
The following sections provide commentary on various related topics, as well as reports and presentations that can be downloaded and links to other relevant resources.
Climate Disruption in the West Kootenays

Between August 2017 and February 2018 a series of articles on Climate Disruption in the West Kootenays were published in the Nelson Star.  Each article touches on a single aspect of climate change, and how that aspect may impact people and ecosystems in the West Kootenays. The articles are intended to translate the complex science of climate change into stories that are meaningful to people living in the West Kootenays. Although they were written a few years ago, unfortunately the topics are still relevant today – maybe even more so! They can be downloaded below for a quick introduction to climate disruption in the West Kootenays.

Support of the Nelson Star is gratefully acknowledged for assisting in the dissemination of information about climate change to the general public.
Climate Disruption in the West Kootenays
Information on Climate Disruption and Wildfire
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